About Us


Sleep on it came from a love of all women’s sleep and lounge wear but the struggle to find one place that had a large collection of good quality Australian designers coming together online. A one stop shop collaborating a wide collection of womens lounge and sleepwear and accessories.

Here at Sleep on it we are bringing together pieces with the uttermost comfort quality fabric and a hint of playfulness.

Ever since I was a child whenever I stepped foot into my home after a long day, pyjamas or loungewear was my go to. It made me always feel relaxed and comfortable with that feeling of “home”. (Founder Kate)

Gone are the days of daggy trackies!  For an average life span of 75 years, 25 of those are spent asleep – so why not make those times fabulous and uninterrupted! Comfort is key!

We believe that women should be able to have many choices within the one store and be able to mix and match from what different brands have to offer. Our team strives to bring you latest trends as well as timeless pieces that may be out of stock or out of season.

It is our mission to offer simply yet beautiful pieces that bring inner comfort around the home whilst feeling goodies like. Our motivation is to have a smorgasbord of brands in the one place that are easy to find and possibly be introduced to.

We want to provide on time delivery and personalised service all from the comfort of your home. Inspiring women to feel confident and stylish in their homes with their families doing those things they love.

We strive to offer you our friendly and informative advice  We are more than happy to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

“Prioritizing good sleep is good self-love”

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